Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Ur finds the Merits

I went to the Wawa around the corner from undisclosed location this morning for my coffee and newspaper via bicycle. I'm standing in line behind a late 40ish looking woman.

Behind the counter is Ur, an obvious Al Qada sleeper agent posing as a Wawa clerk for the summer. At least I'm pretty sure his name is Ur. Ur has a Wawa apron and a name tag that says "UR". Maybe it was Arthur and the A-R-T and H fell off. He looks more like an Ur though.

The woman asks for a pack of Merits in a gravely Simpson's Aunt Patty voice.

We are about to witness a clash in cultures.

Ur looks at her like she just requested a white chocolate cross bow and quarter pound of salami.

The search begins.

Ur is looking high into the cigarette racks above the registers. scanning. scanning.

Aunt Patty says "they are yellow". Ur is looking through the hundreds of cigarette brands and finds a gold pack. He reaches for them.

Aunt Patty tells Ur those aren't yellow.

More searching.

Aunt Patty is now trying to look above the counter on her side which normally we are blind to. She is stretching to view above and behind the counter. She keeps repeating the brand and color.


Still, Ur remains baffled.

Finally Ur's fellow clerk points them out to Ur.

Ur has found the Merits.

I ask for Parliaments.......

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