Monday, August 11, 2008

Save Darfur Concert.

Yesterday was the big Darfur Concert. We pretty much came directly home from Vacation, took a shower, reloaded the car and went to the Iron Wood Outdoor center.

Let's back up.

In June, about one week after High School graduation, Oldest Son and his girlfriend decided that they were going to raise money and awareness for the current situation in Darfur by holding a concert of local bands. They had no location, no bands (other than Oldest Son's band) and little idea of what they were doing.

Yet, somehow, they pulled it off. I know, I was there and there were weekly meetings at my house on Sundays.

My biggest immediate concern was that this was sucking time from the Eagle badge work he needed to do but some how they did both.

  • Found a location that would allow them to hold this and had a generator.
  • Got Permits and Permissions
  • Got port-o-potties
  • Got 10 bands including a headliner.
  • Hired a sound guy with real equipment.
  • Organized food, water,parking.
  • Organized a bake sale.
  • Organized donations.
  • Had T-shirts made
  • Got a web site.
And they did all this in 8 weeks.

We had our concerns of course, especially this week when we discovered that they were funding things like the sound guy ($500) and port-o-potties with their own money.

In the end it was a micro-mini Woodstock with a lot less nudity and acid. (At one point I was tempted to grab the microphone and tell the crowd "The New York State Through-way is closed, man" and "Don't eat the brown acid" but I think it would have been largely lost on the kids).

My favorite character had to be Mike, the Banjo playing Hamburger cook.

He made a mean hamburger but did not get a shot at the stage. In what was close to the these kids only off color moment, Mike called the hamburgers "friggin' burgers" on the PA.

He also had a home made Bar-B-Q sauce made from Dr Pepper.

The crowd was mostly bands, friends of bands or Parents of band members. I was firmly convinced that he was to have worked all summer only to buy a lot of water, ice and t-shirts base purely on the size of the crowd but they ended up raising a small profit for the cause.

And of course, the neighbors complained even though they are 1/4 mile away. The Police came, the kids showed them the permit and then the Police said "Well, I guess it's OK".

By the end of the day I was really proud of them. They had done a great job. Everyone who went had fun and they did a good thing.

Pictures from the day are here including the one of the cop who said I better not see this on the Internet.

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