Sunday, August 31, 2008

One less egg to fry.

Today is move in day at Seton Hall for Oldest Son. Like every camping trip I've ever been on with him, he waited until almost the very last minute to pack and thereby making us (i.e. his mother) a wee bit nervous about the whole thing.

His mother wanted to step in and essentially pack for him but he would have none of it. She pointed to her years of packing experience and explained that she was a very good packer.

He said "but this is a trip you aren't going on".

True. This is a trip we are not going on.

Of course it's not the first time he is on his own . There were band trips, camping trips and this summer he was almost an infrequent visitor in our home with shore overnights and sleepovers.

But this, this is different. We won't see him again until Parents weekend in October.

They say that it passes quickly and boy are they right, who ever they are.

One minute you are looking down at a tiny creature under a french fry light in the hospital and in the next you are dragging his refrigerator to his second floor dormitory room. Ohh and some other stuff happens in between.

Where did 18 years go?

So we moved him into his 3 person room. It was chaos for about 2 hours as we shifted heavy dorm furniture around among piles of boxes, suitcases and gear. Were was the TV Cable? Where were the network cables? Where will the fridge and stereo go?

The three of them worked out who was going where with Jordan on the only bottom bunk next to his expresso machine, the microwave and one of the two fridges in the room. I was told don't worry we have all worked out on face book and he was bringing the fridge. I was a little surprised to see two fridges but I guess it makes sense since you can get awfully thirsty walking from one end of the 15 foot dorm room to other. Now they have to only walk 7 1/2 feet for "water". Like that is the only thing going in the fridge.

The only things missed were a longer coax cable for the TV and light bulbs for the new lamp he has.

Finally it all came together and the leaving was sort of anticlimactic. A few friends that he had made during orientation came by and asked him and his room mates if they wanted to eat. They were about to blow out of there when his mother insisted on pictures. So there were pictures, a brief hug and he was off.

I know he couldn't wait for us to get out of there.

We left him and hit the bookstore where his mother bought a sweat shirt. She couldn't help herself and asked the girl behind the counter if they were hiring. She then called him and let him know that he could get a job there.

So much for being on his own.

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