Monday, August 18, 2008

Family Trip.

Saturday was a little different, we had a family trip to a Tattoo parlor.

My college aged nephew wanted a Tat of his Greek Fraternity and Local chapter permanently printed on his arm so we made a family trip out it.

There was a last minute "intervention" by my father and some extent my mother but pretty much he had made up his mind. He even had my Mother convinced she should get a Tattoo. That's when we kicked her out of the Intervention.

We tried to convince him that no matter how you feel about your fraternity now, you won't feel the same way about in 5, 10 or 20 years from now. Of course he wanted no part of that. In the end my Father determined that my Nephew wasn't drunk or crazy and gave in.

Off we went in the car to find Norwood, PA. While it appears that Tattoos are becoming more and more mainstream, I'm not sure Tattoo parlors are. Maybe the problem is with the word parlor. The one we went to was officially called a studio but still, inside it was a parlor. A studio implies art. One thinks of Paris if you stop and consider a "studio".

No one is going to mistake Norwood for Paris.

We didn't chose Norwood at random though, we had family in the Tattoo business. We're Italian so we have family in every business from Catholic priests to fringe mafia members but this was the first I heard of a Tattoo connection. Who knew?

First let me say the place was busier than an ATM at Christmas time. The small waiting area was packed with people waiting to get a tattoo or a piercing. Since we were family, we were escorted to a VIP area. The VIP area was mostly a spot where you could peruse tattoo art and chose what you wanted. For privacy reasons I won't show you the picture of My Brother, his wife and oldest son picking out art in the VIP section, but let me tell you it it was hoot.

Who decided that all Tattoos would either be topless women, fighting leprechauns or the Blessed Mother? Oh and devils. lots and lots of devils. Devils from every culture in the world. That's going to be hard to explain at the judgment seat.

God: "What's that on your arm?"
You: "Nothin"

Or automotive logos. Like your Taurus? Have one emblazoned on your chest in 4 colors.

I was thinking of getting a minivan or a weedeater on my ankle but I would never get a Tattoo because of my Uncle Joe. Actually, it was my Mothers Uncle Joe and I stayed with him one year in Wildwood. Uncle Joe was a Boxer and had been in WWII. He had gotten a Tattoo when he was much much younger than when I knew him. It was on his arm and it was about eye high to an eight year old. The thing is to this day, I'm not sure what it was because time and gravity had morphed it into a permanent blue blob. Maybe it was an anchor? I don't know but all I knew was that I never ever wanted one.

So my Nephew got his Fraternity on his arm above the sleeve. Forever. While the "adults" watched. I sat with my sister in law and my nephew while he got his and talked chit-chat with his cousin.

Since that day I've noticed that tattoos are everywhere. Everyone has one.

Maybe I'll reconsider and get a Tat of shed.

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