Sunday, August 03, 2008

The elevator.

I'm on vacation this week downashore.

We are with our usual cohorts, the C family staying in undisclosed location.

This year the women got a late start on finding a rental property and went in April. There's not much left in April. Last year we looked for a place in May and found a beautiful property, nicely equipped, not far from the beach. We thought we did great, had a great week and then we found out the the owners were from crazy town when we got an emotional message about how we wrecked the place and they were keeping our cleaning deposit.

Like we were The Who, on tour or something. Look we are not smashing TV people. But that is another story for another day.

This year, all that was left was a third story. A third story in undisclosed location is unheard of. This is mostly because no one wants to walk to the beach, walk home and then have to climb 3 stories.

But it had an elevator. Ahha. An elevator.

We arrived yesterday after noon, unloaded the car and loaded the elevator. Oldest son was trying to operate the elevator. He press every button (one) and tried the only key we had in the many key slots. No elevator. Then I suggested that we call the elevator from the 3rd floor.

We went upstairs, all 900 of them and called the elevator.

Still no workee. We figured out that ALL the doors need to be closed. Each floor has an iron gate and locked interior door. There are 4 floors including the garage level. That is 8 doors. If any of the doors are ajar, the elevator no workee.

Back downstairs, close all the doors. Back upstairs, call elevator. pant. heavily.

Our goods show up on the third floor as if by magic.

OK we have a work-around. Now all we need is procedure.

1. On your way out, call the elevator to the bottom floor. This will save time later and if one of the other tenants uses the elevator - so what.

2. When you return, get in the elevator, close ALL the doors and use your cell phone to call the 3rd floor.

3. Some one upstairs calls the elevator and you whisked away to the heights of the 3rd floor.

We also called the Realtor about maybe having a key for the elevator like the other tenants.

This seems flawless. What could go wrong you ask?

Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my wife. "Can you let me out of the elevator?" She was locked in there. Oldest son made the 3rd floor elevator call and then left via the stairs. She was locked behind the iron gate and the interior door.

We are still not sure what happened.

So far there are only 3 of us in the elevator club. Myself, oldest son and my wife. Well 2 and a 1/2, the "trapped in the elevator thing counts as 1/2. Also, Oldest son keeps breaching protocol by calling me on my cell instead of the house phone but he makes it successfully.

The Realtor says that "you don't need a key and there is no elevator key". No, but you need a cell phone and fortunately all nine of us have one.

This "no key" thing will lead to my wife's favorite hobby: "getting money off the price", especially since she was locked in there. I'll keep you updated on that.

I'm guessing that by the end of the week we all have calves like a female Russian Luge pilot. Except me. Because I can work the elevator.

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