Monday, August 04, 2008

Elevator update

We had a key to the elevator delivered to us yesterday. I am not sure it helps but it takes the heat off the Realtor. We were told it is the "only key on the island" like I thought there was a treasure trove of them somewhere.

I had an errand so I promptly went over to the elevator, got in, shut all the gizmos and doors and turned the key.

Absolutely nothing happened. So I waited a bit and pressed every button in the thing. Still nothing happened.

I got out and walked. On the way out I thought I'd call for the elevator so it was ready when I got back.

The ELEVATOR WAS ALREADY THERE. Somehow it had beat me down. It's possessed.

I had the key and used it on the way back up. No problem. It's just slow. It takes over a full minute to climb three flights. It's even slower going down because you have to wait a minute for it to "get ready".

We also figured out what my wife did wrong. If you don't wait for the elevator to line itself up and stop completely it won't open the door. No the only problem is that if someone leaves with the key, we are back to the proceedure.

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