Monday, July 07, 2008

My campaign continues

My campaign for chooch of the year continued last week with primaries in the state of "having 20 friends over on a Sunday Night".

It started last week with a rescheduled soccer game for their high school/college aged self started township league. The game was rescheduled for 10 PM on a Sunday. That alone should tell you of the tight schedule my kids keep during the summer. The fact that they rescheduled a game for 10 PM on Sunday on a whim - speaks volumes.

When I asked a silly, silly question like "why 10 PM?" oldest son said he didn't know and he would text his team leader, Bobby.

Bobby replied "For the convenience of our west coast viewers"

Funny guy, that Bobby. I don't know where they get it.

With threatening thunder storms I let the fruit of my loins out to play soccer at God-only-knows where.

At 11:30, I got a call.

I was sure it was going to be "Youngest son was struck by lightning" but instead I heard "Can we come swimming after the game?". Relieved that no one was struck by lightning and remembering my bid for chooch of the year, I let them.

About 8-10 boys and girls showed up and got in the pool at midnight on Sunday before a Monday on which I had to work. There was party out there. I checked in on them at about 12:30 to remind them of the seemingly obvious:

If you see lightning or hear thunder get out of the pool.

I thought it was obvious anyway. I am a silly, silly man.

As the words were leaving my lips, thunder pealed in the distance. No one moved. Helllloooooo, that was thunder. Still no one moved. Finally I had to tell them directly to get out of the pool.

And what hits you after playing soccer and swimming? That's right, hunger. I went upstairs and heard a racket in the kitchen. They were cooking.

A half hour later I went downstairs. Youngest son had deep fried French fries (that freedom fries thing never really caught on, did it?) and covered them in melting pizza cheese. I gotta tell ya, it looked good. But, there was a colossal mess of oil and pots and drinks everywhere.

I told them make sure you clean up. I might as well have told the wall.
Wall, make sure you clean up, now.

Then I heard some of them leaving and I thought, well finally. At 2, they were still loud and I went down to find out what was going on.

They were planning an all night Dungeons and Dragons session. The people I heard leaving were the girls. Hmm, DnD comes out and the girls head out. Who would have thought that?

It was late, I was sleep deprived. That is when I lost it.

I'm pretty sure I said "what the F*&^ are you doing". A first btw.

In the end, they all left, the boys did clean the kitchen (and it wasn't bad!) and I went to work the next morning exhausted.

To the COTY committee: I know my seemingly having a spine at the end of the evening hurts my efforts thus far, I'd like to remind to you to view the evening as a whole.

Thank You.

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