Friday, July 18, 2008

As the Eagle Turns

There is now less than a week for Oldest Son to complete his requirements for his Boy Scout Eagle Badge. He had 5 badges and a project to wrap up and last week it looked like was going to make it comfortably. Three of the five were ninety-day merit badges and the other two were 95% complete and the project just needed sign off from the sponsor.

Then on Tuesday I came home late to a panic. The two merit badges blue cards were missing for the 95% complete badges. You lose the blue card, you start over.

My heart sank. My stomach turned.

I didn't sleep at all that night. I was miserable. I felt so bad for him, having come 99.9% of the way to becoming and Eagle and now this.

He had to start them both over. I have to give him credit he overcame the set back better than I did, he just started working on the badges and tonight he got one of the two signed off.

With less than two weeks to go He has a lot of work still to do but it looks good.

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