Monday, June 02, 2008

Thinking of renaming

I'm thinking of renaming this blog.

The whole suburbanstories thing never really took off and the La Dolce Vita name is just kind of confusing. Is it La Dolce Vita? Is it Suburban Stories? What is it? It's time for a re-do.

Here are my Candidate names:

"Watching ESPN pantsless"
Every man's dream and I think this one speaks for itself and pantsless aspect will draw in a new element.

"Your Emerson MW8998B Place" or the "MW8998B Blog" or "The B in MW8998B is for blog"
The single greatest comment lighting rod on this blog remains this post about the MW8998B Microwave. I got one just today. If you Google "MW8998B" guess where you come? Tens of people have had their lives enriched by this post about the stupid Emerson MW8998B, why not write a whole blog about it? I could expand to other appliances as well.

"16 inch Tsunami"
It's nearly a foot and half high! Run for your lives! It's just that underwhelming. Besides, it's one of those expressions like "penetration test" that sounds dirty but isn't. I own the domain too.

"I'll be in the car"
From this post.

"The Shed" or "I'll be in the shed"
I am thinking of doing a coffee table book about men and their sheds. Just pictures of guys and their sheds. This could be a start.

"Two yappy schnauzers"
They are giving me a headache.

"Crazy Uncle Mike"

"Tom on Myspace is my only friend"

"I might as well write this since Lost isn't on until February"

Vote in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Of course 16 inch Tsunami is the best listed but what about "Was I there?"

Kristine S. said...

Tough one, knowing the family, I'm thinking Monkish things.....your sister, Krissy