Sunday, June 15, 2008

A milestone. One down, one to go.

Oldest Son's High School Graduation was held on Friday Evening.

The day had begun as we were accustomed, with my alarm waking me at 5:45 and me waking the both boys. Thinking it was the last of school I said "This is the last time I'm waking you for school" thinking "for the year".

Oldest son remarked how true that was.

He got up and went to high school for the last time. I though back to the first day of kindergarten. All four of us went to the bus stop. Oldest Son with placard stating his name and teacher, Youngest son in cape, like batman. The boys wore capes constantly from age 2 1/2 until school.

The two of them never did anything separately but it never occurred to us to tell youngest son that oldest son would be leaving. On bus.

Here we were all four of us waiting for the bus.

I had the family video camera. I say family but it was really my dad's and it was a full sized model that was a large as piece of luggage. It was like having a small suitcase on your shoulder. People forget how big those things were with those days. They were full sized VHS tapes. But then again cell phones were the size of bar stools too. Everything was big in 1995.

I had it on my shoulder waiting for the bus.

The bus came and went right on past us. They never picked up anyone on our corner before and so the bus driver went right on past.

Then it was a scramble for the bus. Me, lugging the gigantic video camera and dragging youngest son, my wife a oldest son scrambling ahead to catch the attention of the bus driver.

Finally they caught up and oldest son got on the bus and I video taped it like the paparazzi chasing Brittany. There was a lot of background.

As the bus door closed and finally drove off freeing the trapped drivers staring at the flashing red lights, Youngest son screamed out like he had been left behind.

He thought he was going too.

Here is the video:
Part one (we miss the bus)

Part 2:
He gets on the bus.

So now here we were 4,693 days later. My wife slept in and Youngest son was the one getting on the bus while oldest get a ride from his friend.

Here, with much less drama is the last day of school his senior year.

Oh and the camera was my digital still point-and-shoot. It weighs, what, 6 oz.?

And yes that is a pirate hat on his head. We wouldn't allow the cape the first day of school but had pretty much given up by time his senior year came around.

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