Sunday, June 22, 2008

Further evidence for chooch of the year.

I actually left a copy of the letter from this entry on the kitchen table Wednesday morning.

The boys "missed" seeing it and when I got home Wednesday night, the door was wide open, no one was home and the grass was uncut.

That's when I left this "memo" on 20 x 30 inch poster board on the kitchen table when I left for work on Thursday morning. I added a "Big Enough?" tag on the right side.

We made some progress with this one.

The dishwasher was empty, the computer area was cleaned up and downstairs vacuumed.

I had made an assumption with "wash your sheets" and that was "and put them back on your bed when done". Foolish.

Guess who cut the grass Friday after work? The future Chooch of the year, that's who.

I am a shoe in. Bet the house.

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