Thursday, April 24, 2008

We talked about this.

I have an idea for a new self help book. The pitch for the book would go something like this:

Have you ever found yourself in a discussion with your spouse or a co-worker and to reinforce their point they spring a "We talked about this" on you? For example, you might ask your wife "What are we doing next Saturday?" which, to you, seems an innocent enough query. You might really want to know if the weekend is planned for.

Instead of an answer like "We are visiting the Smiths" you get a scowl and a "We talked about this". A full frontal WTAT.

Here, presented to you free of charge, is the perfect defense to the WTAT.

You looked puzzled and ask "Was I there?". This is usually enough to deflect the whole WTAT as the respondent tries to recall if you were actually present during the WTAT event. They question themselves. You can see their minds spin with "when was that?" or "wasn't that in the car?" or "Maybe it was with Gail".

To reinforce it, before they come back with a "yeah, you we there", you should instigate a preemptive "you sure?". This is usually enough to deflect wrath.

This and other elusive techniques will be in my new book "I'll be in the car: When checking out is your best defense"

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