Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Opera Story

Last Friday Oldest Son and his girlfriend went to the Opera. They saw La Boheme at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC.

I am not making this up.

When I was that age, all I knew about the opera was what I learned on Loony Tunes.

You know the episode: What's Opera Doc? - Bugs and Elmer chase each other through operatic themes, Bugs rides the back of some little fat horse and Elmer sings out:

"Kill Da Wabbit!" over and over.

Yes sir, I was very cultured at 17.

I'm not even sure I could spell opera let alone pull off the logistics they did:

Drive to the Train Station in Friday rush hour.

Take the train to Penn Station

Take a cab to Lincoln Center.

Have dinner in French Bistro.

Be at the Opera before 7:30 Pm.

As Darth Vader says: "Most impressive"

Besides my vast cartoon operatic background, the closest I ever came to anything classical was a Yes concert in 1975. They played Firebird Suite and there were giant phillips head screwdrivers behind them. I went with my best friend Steve Thomas. Franny Donovan drove us in his Chevy Biscayne. I'm pretty sure it had three bald tires and a bad valve tap.

He had Yes on a cassette tape player in the front seat. Not a tape player in the dash, but on the front seat was a portable radio shack cassette tape player. It was my first concert.

If I had gone the year before, Rick Wakeman would have worn a cape. That's pretty close to operatic, right?

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