Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Last Saturday night my wife and I were out and on the way home I received the following text message:

When you guys come home can you speak with a British accent?

The kids had someone over and had convinced them that we were British. I wasn't even sure I could talk with a British accent. I tried in my head but it just kept coming out like Austin Powers. I couldn't even open my mouth and try it. Sometimes I can do accents pretty well but I just couldn't. It was the pressure.

The pressure. The pressure.

My wife tried it but she just kept sounding like Mary Poppins.

It was a long ride and just kept thinking about what I was going to do. How the heck was I going to speak in British Accent, how long would I have to keep this up?

I decided I would be a mute British citizen.

In the end, the mark the kids had invited over had left and we were off the hook.

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