Sunday, April 06, 2008


All the votes are in and Oldest Son is going to Seton Hall. With the scholarship money he was leaning towards Seton Hall's direction already but this weekend's Freshman Preview sealed the deal.

We drove up Saturday morning and were supposed to be there for 9. We got lost on the way up, which isn't easy since:

  • I had a GPS.
  • There is like one turn.

I drove for nearly an hour waiting to make that turn off the NJ Turnpike onto the Garden State Parkway and then missed it when I got an unexpected call from work at just the right moment. This then lead to a series of wrong turns which lead to us making a U-Turn in beautiful Bayonne, NJ and causing spilled coffee when I turned onto the Garden State Parkway south instead of north. We heard a lot of "Recalculating" from the GPS lady.

All I could think of was the implications of that single spurious phone call. I was thinking "now we'll be late and miss and opportunity for X and that will change the direction Oldest Son takes for Y which will lead to a life of destitute poverty".

We made it by 10 instead of 9:20 and we missed getting an appointment with Financial Aid. This means that I now am looking forward to a life of destitute poverty.

The program started at 11 with a speech by the Monsignor. It was more like a convention with booths and tables for housing, WSOU and activities around campus. The part He loved came when he got to meet his professors. He just loves the Italian Studies professor who showed us the Italian reference section of the library and sat and had lunch with us.

We also starting to get a sense of just how Catholic the University is and the same thought struck my wife and I about the same time:

What the heck is the connection between a Catholic University and their mascot, the Pirate?

I mean it's not enough to prevent me from giving them thousands of dollars or taking their scholarship money. I'm just curious.

Was there a famous Catholic Pirate that I am unaware of? Did he swoop in on Protestant ships forcing them Communion? Genuflect or die! Arrrrgh.

You know there was a meeting, there is always a meeting:

Priest 1: Well we can't be the Wildcats, Villanova took that.
Priest 2: How about the The Communicants?
Priest 1: That doesn't even make sense.
Priest 3: How about the Hoyas?
Priest 1: Do you even know what a Hoya even is?? Besides Georgetown took that.
Priest 3: I told you we should have had this meeting earlier, we could have been the Hoyas.
Priest 2: How about the Layity-Ups?
Priest 1: Are you for real?
Priest 3: A Hoya is a bear and I think we are down to Indians and Pirates. Maybe Cowboys too.
Priest 2: How about The Large Pointy Hats?
Priest 1 strikes priest 2 on the head.
Priest 1: I don't think New Jersey and Indians go together, so Pirates it is then.

In light of the alternatives, a Pirate makes sense. It's ironic though that there is a baseball team named the Padres and a Catholic University basketball team named the Pirates.

Oldest son is majoring in Italian Studies at this point but I suspect that may change. That makes mine the lost generation for speaking Italian. My great-grandparents only spoke Italian. My Grandparents could speak in both and my Father speaks some. In my wife's home growing up, Italian was used when they didn't want the kids to understand.

I speak none.

I'm wondering if it takes a four year college degree to learn Italian and what jobs you can get after wards.

Maybe I'm being too practical.

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