Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy Weekend

We had a little family trip over the weekend to Virginia. My niece is in the fashion program at Marymount University and we went to the annual fashion show on Saturday. She had a lot of extended family down there, enough for 4 rooms at the hotel.

Both boys invited their girlfriends which was a first. The girls stayed in my mother-in-laws room for the overnight portion. A good time was had by all but the pictures of the fashion show didn't quite turn out.

Oh and we ate out.

I spent last night watching Carrier on PBS. Yeah, I know it's one long commercial for the Navy but so was Topgun. Having spent some time on Carriers (Saratoga 79-80 & Midway 80-81) this is subject I am familiar with. It looked like they had excellent access to the whole ship and the whole experience hasn't changed much on the 20 something years since I was last on one except of course for the addition of Women.

There were no women on carriers when I was in. I'm just thinking that has to be a distraction.

Some the best quotes "For someone that has never been in prison, this the closest thing to it"

I was cruising their website tonight and found this which describes a man over board drill complete with a description of "oscar" the man overboard dummy I saw when I turned an aircraft carrier around.

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