Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Born to Hand Jive.

A few months ago I thought he was crazy.

Oldest son, on top of School, Jazz Band, Girlfriend, his Eagle Scout Project and deciding his future career and College, decided the best course of action was to join the school musical, Grease!

He had never been in any of the school plays before this, his senior year. We were giving him grief at tryout time, telling him he didn't have time blah blah blah. Were we ever wrong.

He didn't even tell us he got a small speaking and singing part until weeks after tryouts. He must have been angry with us. When we finally asked him, he told us he got the part of Johnny Casino. I had never heard of Johnny Casino.

This is Oldest Son as Johnny Casino. That's him on the stage above the stage singing.

The coat is mine from the Navy in 1976. It fit him like a glove. I guess it would since it last fit me when I was 18.

We actually saw two performances: Saturday a week ago and last Saturday. The last Saturday performance was special. They announced that one of the girls in the play had a father who was serving in Iraq and He couldn't see the play.

Next the teacher that directed the play stood up and told the audience that He was here in the audience that night as a surprise. He was a couple of rows behind us and it was amazing to watch him come down the aisle and go up on stage and hug his daughter. Everyone was keeping a brave face, barely holding back the tears. I was really special.

As proud as I was of Oldest Son, I couldn't have imagined what it would be like to have missed seeing him up there. It really hit home how much our Armed Forces give up.

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