Thursday, March 13, 2008

Battlin' Hotel Maids, Chewing on Rolaids

I'm sitting in a McDonald's on Leesburg Pike in McLean, VA. It's 8:30 and I am waiting for my class to start. I've spent the week on the road living in a hotel. I had forgotten what that is like. After 3 days of Sundeep the Omelet Chef making me eggs made to order, I decided to ease back into real life with a breakfast at McDonald's. It's kind of a half way house for easing out of the wacky world of USA today delivered to your doorstep, big dinners and CNN.

This trip was a little unusual since I was 30 minutes from my brother and his family. I enjoyed two nights with them while taking one night to drive to the Lincoln memorial and visit a night.

I was staying in a hotel since staying with him would mean a 8 mile commute that could take an hour. I'm not making this up. I saw it myself. If you attempt prime-time commuting solo you are soooo dead. They have whole interstates that are HOV. That means if you are driving by yourself, you can't get on.

I had forgotten the extremes highs and lows of staying in a hotel for 4 days. For example: I have giant breakfast with eggs made to order, but getting my coffee is like dealing awkwardly with an men's room attendant. The first morning I thought I'd just get it myself a cup of coffee to go. You would have thought I had stolen something by the way both waiters were scurrying about asking me what I wanted. The second morning I thought I'd ask the wait staff to get my coffee but when they didn't, I decided to act. Same effect.

I also developed an aversion to using a new soap and shampoo every morning when I had a perfectly good one the day before. I decided to hide my opened soap and shampoo from the maid. I found a perfect spot on the bar holding the shower curtain up and reused the shampoo every day of the week. If I left it out the maid would throw it away.

This morning I left the empty shampoo container out as evidence that I had beat them at their own game. Ha.

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