Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Wardrobe Malfunction

Yesterday while walking from the train to the office, my shoe was untied so I bent over to tie it back up. When I pulled on the lace, one side snapped off in my hand.

Great, now I'm on the corner of 15th and Walnut in Philly with no lace on one side. Do I just walk on and hope my shoe doesn't fall off until I get to the office or do the shift the lace around to make a lace repair resulting in tiny shoestrings?

I opt for the repair. Now I'm trying to get a broken shoe lace back through the tiny eyelets were the lace goes through the shoe. No way. I just shift the lace and tie it the best I can.

I get to t he office, repair the lace and nature calls. In the stall I unzip my pants and the zipper is stuck half way down. Unbelievable. I get the pants down enough and when I am putting myself back together, the zipper becomes unhinged.

My fly is now open.

I zip the pants ans best I can and then press everything down so that I do not "feel a breeze".
I ask discreetly around for a safety pin (does no one bring safety pins to work any more? Girls? Come one I'm depending one you for safety pins) no luck.

I spend the day at my desk which works great until I have to vote on my way home.

I realize that the ladies at the polls are sitting oh about crouch high at tables across from me standing in front of them.

No one says anything so I have to assume I was OK.

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