Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another stupid appliance.

Since my blog on the Microwave is the biggest attraction on this blog (I get more comments and hits on that page then any other), I thought I'd follow up with another stupid appliance story.

Up this time: The Vtech ia5878.

It's not all Vtech phones. It's just this model.

We had a set of Vtech 5.8 GHz phones but the batteries died. Actually I replaced the batteries once and the second set now died. I looked for replacements but could only find batteries that were $40 each.

I figured a new set phones had to be cheaper.

This is the worst cordless phone I've ever seen. They don't reach to half my house, you can't pick up on all three cordless phones in the set at once and no one can here you when you are on the headset.

Needless to say I looked a little harder and found batteries for the old set. The Vtech ia5878 is goin' back.

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