Wednesday, January 16, 2008


American Idol started back up and we get hooked for the time when the wackos auditions happen. I am not big fan when the show moves to Hollywood but I love the nut jobs that actually believe they can can sing.

There are a lot of disturbed people out there. And they think they can sing.

It's proving that bad Karaoke doesn't need Alcohol.

There was the guy that never got to sing a note and came back twice:
Once in his costume:

And when Paula Abdul complained about his ample chest hair, another time after he got waxed ala 40 year old virgin:

Look close, his chest hair is now missing!

He looks like Jubba the hut and Princess Leia had a baby.

However you can usually tell the ones that the producers may think have a shot because they do a little background video on them. They do this to the wacky ones too, but you can usually tell which ones they are making fun of. This next guy had a background video that showed him working at Independence Hall, in his tri-corner hat. It looked serious. I thought for sure that he was a winner

And then he opened his mouth. It sounded like it was on the wrong speed.

Here is our favorite from last night:

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