Thursday, December 06, 2007

Shed update.

Just when you think it's over......

Let's see where were we?

We had obtained the final inspection for the shed and with the final inspection comes of course the tax reassessment.

The township tax lady came out to visit and examined the shed. She determined that the 30 inch by 42 inch decorative porch on the shed was in fact "usable space". I am not sure by who. Leprechauns perhaps.

That added $14.85 to our annual tax bill for the township.

However we never actually pay our tax bill. The Bank does through the escrow account.

We received one bill for $14.85.

We received another for $14.85 plus interest.

Then, today I received this bill with "final notice" and more interest and something about "subject to tax sale" and that doesn't sound good. Are you telling me that after all this, they might sell my house for $15 lousy dollars?


I think I'll just send them a check for $15 and change.

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