Friday, December 28, 2007

If the year had a weekend, this would be it.

It's a relaxing week at home as I've taken the week between Christmas and New Years as vacation. This is a tradition that started at the company I worked in when we first got married. They would shut down for this week and split the vacation days with you.

It's a great time to catch up and relax at the same time.

Here's what we've been up to:
  • Finding you what's up with Rex Morgan, MD. Youngest Son found the cartoon in the paper and the three panels on Wednesday made no sense at all. Maybe they do if you read it everyday for 50 years. Is anyone reading this cartoon any longer or is just a way for Al Qaeda to pass secret messages? Also, what ever happened to Prince Valiant?
  • Finally getting around to patching that hole the Plumber made when he fixed left handed spanner flexer back in March. Yes, for 9 months we've been living with a large hole made with a sledge hammer directly above our bed. Fixing it has been something of an issue since my wife doesn't like the way that I repair drywall. I'm getting better and I think I may have finally repaired one that someone else doesn't have to come fix.
  • Replacing the jabbering network card on the family file server in the Garage and the ridiculous 100 Base T only network switch that someone gave me for free. What, you don't have a file server in your garage? No redundant DNS and NTP servers? How do you even get up in the morning? Personally, I'm not going to be happy until I can telnet to my toaster and type "$ make toast -light" from my laptop.
  • Working on the two TIVO's that co-workers gave me. Yes, It's true, I have a file server and no TIVO.
  • Putting up blinds.
  • Cooking King Crab Legs.
  • Eating Chocolate.
  • Reading all about how the Eagles would be frightening if they were in the playoffs. Parade worthy? I think not.
  • Looking for bargains at my local CompUSA, which is closing. I found a USB video converter for $40 and.....
  • Converting old VHS video tapes to digital media. It's low quality but they are on youtube. Here is Oldest Son when he was a week old. It seems a long way from here to "Will you please finish those college applications?" and "You left my camera where?"

  • Growing a beard. Well, not shaving, really.
  • Playing Rock Band on Xbox 360.
  • Taking Youngest Son to the Doctor. He got Pink Eye along with a bad chest cold and now we are doing eye drops every morning, noon and night.
  • Baked a cake. Yes, I baked a cake. It was a crooked cake but it was delicious. It was for my mother-in-law's Birthday and now everyone knows how old she is. She's 7. Or 8. Not sure.

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