Thursday, December 06, 2007

Crisis on 18th.

As previously documented, I eat every Thursday at the Chinese food cart on 18th and Market.

Monday and Tuesday I bring a sandwich.

Wednesday is Stouffer's "Swedish Meatball" day.

Thursday is Chinese Cart day.

On Friday, anything can happen (throw hands wildly in the air).

For the second week in a row, there was no Chinese food cart on the corner of 18th and Market. Needless to say this is very disruptive to my well established schedule. Of course I am very concerned for Ben and Nee but WHAT ABOUT MY CHINESE FOOD! I need my Shrimp Lo Mein!

I was just about forced to visit the cart at 17th and JFK. This is the "other" cart.

The "other cart" is a little different. You have to order in one window on the side of the cart and then get back in line for the front window to pick up your food and pay. At "My" cart Ben and Nee are like a well oiled machine. One window, Ben builds the platter and Nee bags and takes money. It takes seconds. They are like Edward Scissorhands back there.

New cart and I need to figure out a new meal. I swear everyone that eats at a cart eats the same thing everytime they come. New cart and now I have to figure out what to order and go through the goofy two window thing.

I had sweet and sour shrimp with streamed rice. It just wasn't the same.

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