Thursday, November 08, 2007

What ever happened to Darrin?

One of the things that bothered me growing up was when Darrin was replaced on the TV show Bewitched. I never understood how a different guy could show up posing as "Dad" in a family and no one even notices. I mean if some stranger came home in your Dad's car after a day at the office and walked into your house, sat in his chair and put on Dad's clothes, pinched your Mom on the butt, wouldn't you at least be a little curious? What happened to Dad? Who are you? etc etc.

No these people just went on as if this perfect stranger were Dad.

Oh hi Darrin. Did you have a good day at the office? Nothing. Not a mention of who this new guy is.

Hold that thought.

Back in September my wife and I got hooked on the AMC original series Madmen. They had one of those marathons over Labor Day where they showed the first 7 episodes in row. My wife was drawn to the show for two reasons: It was the nineteen-sixties and it was about coercing people.

The series main character is man named Don Draper. Don is the creative director at a New York city advertising firm in 1960. He's married to a former model and has two beautiful kids in a home in the suburbs of New York.

Sound familiar? Darrin Stephens on Bewitched was in Advertising in the 1960s. Darrin lived in the Suburbs and had a good looking blond wife. Darren (eventually) had two kids.


That, however is where the similarities seemingly end. Don is a immoral beast who drinks like a fish. Don spends his evenings "working late" with his girlfriend while his wife spends her days on a Psychiatrists couch.

Or do the similarities end there? So what if Darrin was more like Don that we were lead to believe on Bewitched? The character of Don Draper is probably more realistic than the character of Darrin Stephens. I mean we didn't see Darren 24/7 so what was he doing while we weren't watching? Was he being naughty with his secretary or female clients? Was he stirring up a Vodka and Orange Juice the minute he got into the office like they do on Madmen? Did he smoke like a chimney?

This certainly would explain why his mother-in-law Endura was so mad at him all time. What if she knew he was cavorting around town, I mean she had to know, she was a witch right? Maybe that is why she made is ears gigantic or turned him into a mouse.

Or maybe that is what really happened to the first Darrin. Samantha found out he was cheating on her, turned him into a newt and found a new Darrin.

It could happen.

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