Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday Morning.

It's Sunday morning at 7 AM. I didn't intend to be up this early but Oldest son has an early band competition. He was supposed to be at the school by 6 AM. I thought to myself "would I rather take him at 6 AM to the high school or sleep in and give up a car for the day?".

Hmmm. Please take the car.

I saw him out there scraping the thin frost of the windshield with a credit card. There's a right of passage. Having no scraper and being late. I was getting dressed to help him and when I got the door he was gone. I was sure there was scraper in the car and I'm thinking that that is something we never reviewed when he started driving. Don't make a peep hole and drive.

He's headed to Hersey Pa for the Cavalcade of bands championships. They won group IIA last week at Allentown for USSBA. They are really, really good this year. The have an excellent color guard.

In the beginning of the year, though some rule changes, they were a group IIIA. I'm not sure they would have won in that group since they would have been a small IIIA rather than a larger IIA.

(At this point I was interrupted by my wife saying we were late. I didn't even know we were going. I finished this Sunday night).

We rushed out of the house, hitting McDondalds and a gas station on the way out. I made to Hershey in a little less than 2 hours.

I was doing 80 on the PA Turnpike when I passed a State Trooper hiding behind a overpass. As I passed, he pulled out and turned on his lights. My heart was in my throat and then he pulled over a guy behind me.

I did 65 the rest of the way and made it there by 11. They went on at 11:30.

It was cold. They came in third.

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