Friday, November 30, 2007

Parade Watch: Sunday Night version.

Busy week so I didn't get to post in the Eagles game on Sunday Night.

I swear, for a moment they had me believing. I thought they could do it. I thought they could beat the juggernaut that takes the form of the NE Patriots. 22 Point 'dogs, a back up QB and a back up safety against a point scoring machine and they came within a bad pass of doing it.

I had my vicodin ready to go but I never had to reach for it.

That game was the quintessential Philadelphia game. Everyone outside the region thinks that Philly is like Rocky, a scrappy loser who wins in the end. But really we are like Rocky, only Rocky loses every-single-time. By three points. To the Pats. And we're happy about it.

So still no parade. But if they won, I think they should have had a parade.

Did you Notice:

1. When AJ Feeley threw the third TD of the night to Reggie Brown he was throwing to the guy we picked up for trading AJ Feeley to the Dolphins.

2. Greg Lewis only seems to come alive when we play the Patriots. On the Second TD you can clearly see Brady saying "I don't F'ing believe it" in the NFL films footage on "Inside the NFL" and here.

3. Why did they throw on the fatal interception? They had nearly 4 minutes left and had Westbrook. Should have been running. As the guy 5 rows ahead of says at every game: RUN THE BALL.

If I had heard any TV talking head before the game say the Eagles can beat the Patriots and they are going to do with AJ Feeley and Greg Lewis I would have said they were crazy.

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