Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Million Man Nap.

Next Thursday marks the 6th annual Million Man Nap. I expect this year to be quite challenging to nap through the beginning of the afternoon of the fourth Thursday in November due to the higher quality of NFL product, but the home stretch looks like it was built for a zzzz's. My eye lids are heavy just thinking about it.

After years of snoozer NFL games involving Dallas and Detroit, both of whom have spent the last 15 years "rebuilding", there could be some real excitement ahead for the committed Men who've consumed too much wine, turkey and stuffing.

First up at 12:30 Eastern is Green Bay at Detroit. With their 40 First Round Wide Receivers, Crazy Mike Martz calling the plays and a feeble running attack, expect the Lions to throw like there's no tomorrow as they attempt to narrow the divisional gap with the Packers. Even when Green Bay has the ball, expect Grand Pa Farve to throw the rock down the field on every play. Don't let last week fool you, the Packers have no running game either. It's going to be very tough to nap with Cousin Jeffery is asking you "did you see that" on just about every play. An indoor game with two teams that throw like crazy is the perfect storm against nappers. Save yourself for later in the afternoon.

Luckily this is the early game an no self respecting Million Man Napper would dare to begin a slumber before inhaling a Tryptophan laced plate of Turkey and Stuffing, especially if he is responsible for cutting up the bird.

At 4:15 there at least is a chance of getting some shut-eye when the Dallas Cowboys host the 1-8 New York Jets. Since dinner will be at 4 or 5, most of our participants should be settling on to the couch by the second half when the Jets are so far behind that it wouldn't matter if the Cowboys fielded a team of 21 blind nuns and TO for 30 minutes of "football". I personally expect to log at least 75% of my nap time while Dick Enberg drones on in the background as God intended. Forget your fantasy league and open that foot rest on the reclining couch. (Yes! what a glorious day that was when Mom got the couch and love seat with four recliners built in!). You've worked hard all year and now it's your time to catch some z's. You'll want to wake up for the post game show though when TO turns vicious on the nuns. (I wasn't the blind one out there)

For those of you lucky to enough to get the NFL Network, you can do some premium snooze time to the Colts taking their revenge out on the hapless, Vick-less Falcons for losing two in a row. Later you can make a turkey sandwich.

So, it looks like we have a good forecast for this years event, much better than the dark days of 2002 when our anchor man, Dad, took that trip to Malta over the holiday weekend.

Men everywhere, prepare your blankys, we have some sleeping to do.

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