Friday, November 09, 2007

Hofstra - they have a lot of trees.

The college tours continue today with Hofstra University on Long Island, New York. This one is big yet small, expensive yet a little cheaper than Ithaca, close yet far. It has Italian, Creative Writing and Communications.

This tour is a little different in that Oldest son is shadowing a student for the afternoon leaving me free to catch up on email and "hang out" at the student center. I'm hoping I get invited to a "kegger" later.

The admission office here is very student focused. As far as they are concerned I'm just the guy that drove him here.

The admissions dean for South Jersey didn't even introduce herself to me when she met up with Jordan. You'd think that for 160K I'd get a little love. Or a handshake. A hello-how-ya-doing maybe. She does have a nifty AIM screen name on her signature, though.

I did get handy disposable rain poncho though.

I also lost my son on the tour. I turned around after the dorm tour and he was gone. I found him later at admissions. He mistakenly thought that his shadow session started earlier than it did and left the tour with out telling me. Worst part is that I forgot my cell phone. So I had to borrow the student tour guide's phone to call him.

She had a Blackberry and unlocked it and handed it to me and then took it back saying "What's the number" like I couldn't figure out how to dial a Blackberry. Very embarrassing.

Yes, I lost my son, that does not make me a technical idiot.

So Hofstra has about 2000 open slots for the freshmen class next year and will get 26,000 applications. They say about half will be accepted and only 2000 actually end up going. So that means 11,000 will turn them down. It's got to be the money.

Oldest Son's friend toured Hofstra recently and when he asked him what the place was like, his only response was "they have a lot of trees".

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