Saturday, November 24, 2007

The Game

I've had a great time this Holiday playing Acquire with my Brothers and Nephews (and the C Family).

Someone had this game when I was in the Navy thirty years ago and we past massive amounts of time at sea playing. Then I was somewhere down south passing time in hobby store in 1988 when I spied a single dusty copy of the '76 version. I snatched it up. I brought it home and taught many how to play "the game".

That is exactly what my Brothers and I call it, "the game". Say "do you want to play the game" and they'll know exactly what you are talking about.

I am an Acquire evangelist.

It's a simple game. There is a board with 108 positions in a 9 x 12 rectangle with 108 tiles (well, 106 now since 12-E and 1-A are missing). Each one of 2-6 players has the opportunity to create a hotel chain of adjacent tiles and then all players have the chance to buy stock in the chain. Chains grow by adding tiles or through mergers. Who ever has the most value in hotel stock and cash at the end, wins.

Not only is it simple but it never plays the same way twice. Because each player can add only the tiles they choose, the randomness of this action makes each game unique.

There is also an on line version and I host Sunday night games throughout the year. We use a free conference call service, dial in and connect at 9 EST. We do this since I one of my brothers lives in California.

I am an Acquire addict.

Once we get play going these times of the year, we get addicted. We have played 5 games since Wednesday and I have won two.

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