Sunday, October 21, 2007

Where Squirrels Go To Die.

Mrs F spent a large part of Saturday cleaning oldest Son's room however, I don't remember ever writing about exactly what his room looks like.

A few summers ago he wanted to paint his room and we said "sure" without getting a good idea of what he wanted to paint. Actually that is not entirely true, we knew he didn't want a traditional paint job in the room and that he was looking for something like Album Cover art.

He spent days in there but never quite finished. I recall that he got acrylic bottled craft paint everywhere.

There are outdoor scenes and sketches of famous Rock Stars. It is all in wild colors and there are big unfinished spaces everywhere. It looks like a work in progress and the artist stepped away for a cup of coffee or a cigarette.

He usually keeps his blinds up and so you can see it from the entire neighborhood.

Some of it is beautiful, some is frightening but it's all him.

This summer he wanted to "paint his room" again but with spray paints this time. This time we said no. Not because we weren't happy with the results but because he no idea how to handle spray paints indoors. We were afraid of fumes everywhere and for reasons I won't go into here, could have fumes in the house this summer.

Looking back on it I'm thinking we were crazy for letting him do it but what did it hurt?

I figure that we his goes off to college we can paint the room in something normal.

I'm thinking a soothing blue.

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