Tuesday, October 09, 2007


I don't even know where to begin telling what wacky day last Saturday was or how to delicately broach the subject without utter disgust.

OK, there is no way but to just blurt it out. Friday morning there was a stench in our home. It was weak but when you caught wind of it, it grabbed you by the collar and said something bad happened.

It seemed to be centered near Oldest Sons room but we could quite pin it down on Friday morning when we first noticed it. We looked in his room for obvious things like doggy droppings from Provo and Lone the Schnauzers, rotting fruit or some other organic that he "accidentally" left behind but we couldn't see anything.

That evening my wife was convinced that it was coming from the boys bathroom and had youngest son scrub it from top to bottom. It didn't help. The stench lingered in the air.

I said "something died"

It was definitely coming from his room but we had things to get done on Friday night and had to go out.

In the morning Oldest Son came in our room first thing and told us ....
wait for it........

there was a DEAD ANIMAL in his room.

Aurrrrrgh. Disgusting. A DEAD SOMETHING was rotting in his room. He couldn't even look. He was making contorted faces and muttering to himself.

It was up to me to remove it and clean up.

I went in to check it out and found (it sickens me to even think of it again) a DEAD SQUIRREL between his bed and the front window.

So most of Saturday was spent cleaning up after the unluckiest squirrel in New Jersey, the one that wandered into an open window only to find two angry Schnauzers. (oldest son had opened the window in our October heat wave and removed the screen for some unknown reason). That is the best I can figure out. The dogs got him.

I'm sure that Mr. Squirrel was sorry the minute he entered the window but it was too late.

So much for Saturday morning.

Saturday night was spent at the High School Marching Band Home Competition in support of our animal loving oldest son. I worked at parking incoming buses of bands and my wife worked the concessions. Oldest Son is a senior and it's tradition to send an "Air Gram" message over the public address system as his band takes the field.

We couldn't help it. Ours said "it's safe to go in your room again".

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