Saturday, October 20, 2007

The summer that wouldn't die.

Around here the the weather has been warm. Crazy warm. Our electric bill for September was as high as August's. I keep thinking the weather will turn to those crisp Autumn days that you would expect for Fall in Philadelphia but they never quite make it.

Last night, while talking on the phone, I actually had my feet in the pool. Normally, putting your feet in the pool this time of year would make them turn blue and fall off. But it felt refreshing in the humid sticky air that was stuck the area over the last few days. It was October 19th , I was in shorts and a Tee-Shirt and I was standing in the pool. At night. And it wasn't a scene from Titanic.

The funny part is that as warm as it's been, the leaves are still turning colors and falling.

It's destiny. The second week in October, the leaves fall without in spite of Al Gore and global warming.

Or it's the dry weather.

Along with being warm, it's been dry.

I am ready for fall but I fear that it will just pass us by and we'll go from Summer to Winter with no stop over in Autumn.

Last night I noticed that even the commercials on TV have missed a beat. I saw one last night that said "sweater weather may be here...." . I couldn't get past that because I was lying in bed sweating like rancid pork.

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