Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rotisserie Chicken

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So last week when the Eagles were blowing out the Detroit Lions and everyone thought there were going to the super bowl, I was dreaming of rotisserie chicken. Maybe it was the wacky uniforms, I don't know.

Our grill came with a rotisserie but I had never used it.
After an APB for the giant skewer which I knew was in the Garage, I placed a whole Perdue roaster on the rotisserie.

There is something very exciting about meat on a stick.

I enjoyed just carrying from the kitchen to the grill. I felt like the returning hunter even though it was a chicken and it came in a sealed bag from the supermarket.

I learned a lot from the chicken and this week I made another. I learned to strap the legs together and tin foil the ends so that they don't flop about and burn.

As Dad says "There is nothing like a whole chicken"

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