Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Parade Watch

I was lucky enough to go to the Eagles game on Sunday and I can assure you that from what I saw, the real estate in this picture will be Parade free the first week in February.

No Parade. Bet the house.

Even though the Eagles sucked it was an excellent day over all and I ran into all kinds of friends all day long. First a big thanks to my office mate, Mat, for inviting me after I badgered him in to it.

And now my Sunday:

I took the speed line into the city and the subway to the Linc.

I take the speed line everyday and using it on a Sunday was a little surreal. It was like one of those science fiction movies where everyone is killed off in plague except for a few people. The station was empty.

When the train came I found my friend Ed and his son were waiting around the corner where I could not see them. He was going to the game too. Ed told me that he thought to himself that he could drive into the city and park for $25 and take the subway or he could drive the Linc and pay $25 to park but then he asked himself "What would Al Gore do?". Ed took the train.

After a quick couple of rounds of "where are you now" on the cell phone with Mat, I found him in FDR park. Mat had steaks and lobster tails waiting be grilled. We ate well. We got fried in the sun. I made a poor fashion choice with long pants. It was October and I was wishing I had shorts.

Next it was off to the Linc for the game or as I preferred to call it: "the festival of field goals".

On the way over there was a scene that was both sad and funny at the same time. There was this guy maybe 40 something. He had a few sheets to wind and was trying to start E-A-G-L-E-S chants. He was pleasant but he was definitely on the happy juice. His 8-10 year old son was with him.

The low point was was when the kid said "You really are drunk". That's got to make you feel like crap. Welcome to Philly.

At the game, someone was NOT McNabulous. He had one of those days when he couldn't hit the broad side of a barn.

I refuse to go into details of game except to say that bad teams find a way to lose. Enjoy the basement. I refuse to even give a score.

There were a few Bears fans and they got some verbal abuse but it was nothing to compared to full frontal assault reserved for Cowboys fans, especially those in Owens jerseys. Eagles fans can't stand Dallas and we even heard "Dallas Sucks" chants in the hoard waiting to get frisked before heading into the Linc. It was a Bears game and the green faithful were shouting Dallas Sucks. Oh and they booed at the frisbee catching dog when it missed one catch as part of the halftime show.

Best T-shirt of the day: "Save 2nd Base" a breast cancer awareness appropriately pink shirt with two strategically placed softballs on the, ah, uhum, upper front.

In the third quarter I ran into a couple that are parents of Oldest Son's Sax buddy in the Marching Band. they were in the same row, one section over. Surprise run in number 2.

The game was over and were were heading out and I ran into Mr C and his crew of three leaving their seats on the opposite side of the Stadium. When I ran into them I bummed a ride back to the train station to pick up my car.

When I got home, it was after dark Hot Tub time. 3/4 moon and no lights on.

I couldn't help but feel that I was going to get hit by a truck the next day or something. I just don't have days this good and I was sure something crappy was going to happen to compensate.

Pretty good so far..... Maybe it's compensation for the squirrel.

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