Monday, September 10, 2007


This is the view outside my office that I share. I have been waiting for a parade for the Philadelphia Eagles in February ever since I started working here in 1999.

You notice that street is relatively parade-free at this moment.

It will look like this on the 5th of February in 2008. All Day. Bet the house.

This is because the Eagles have fooled me again. I thought they might have been a contender but after yesterday's performance against a mediocre Green Bay Packers team I now know there will be no parade.

I thought that they would have be an offensive powerhouse with a healthy McNabb and Westbrook back in action. I thought they would struggle on defense with the loss of Jeremiah Trotter. I thought that special teams might be an issue.

All wrong. Defense looked OK. Offense never clicked. Westbrook dropped passes, McNabb looked slow and Reggie Brown was the invisible man.

Yesterday's game was one they should have won. Woulda-Shoulda-Coulda.

Oh they might make a play off run again but the window of real opportunity has closed. There will be no Donovan McNabb smiling a waving from a flat bed truck in the chilly February air. No Westbrook holding the trophy. No Reid dressed like Santa.

Not. Gonna. Happen.

I can't believe I waited 239 days for that. What a disappointment.

Don't worry, though I am an Eagles fan and I am used to disappointment.

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