Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A weekend in Lititz

I am not really sure how we ended up deciding to spend the weekend in Lititz, PA. I know we started out trying to spend an early fall weekend in Cape May with two other couples to celebrate anniversaries but when we could not find anywhere to stay at the shore we ended up in Lititz. I'm confident this is not exactly what the Lititz tourism board had in mind "When the shore is full, come to Lititz"

So here we were in Lititz in Amish country in Pennsylvania.

We checked into the hotel about 4 and headed out into "town" to get "snicker-snacks" as K calls them. "Snicker-snacks" are potato skins and such and we wanted a beer to go with them to hold off dinner until 8. I am not sure what we were thinking, trying to get "snicker-snacks" and beer at the same time in Lititz.

First we wandered down the main drag and saw lots of little knick-knack stores, which is exactly what the guys and I was hoping for. If they would have had a Hummel store, it would have been a perfect weekend.

Finally, our little team of suburban explorers found the Parkside hotel and bar. The Parkside is a shot and beer place where some of the more colorful locals were getting a good running start at Saturday night. They had a few pool tables in back but the closest thing they had food was a rack of Lance toastchees that I am sure were from 1978.

This is not exactly "Snicker-snack" material.

We left there and headed to the "Toy Soldier" which looked like it was last inhabited in the Nixon administration. We tried the front door but it was locked and then we sort of milled about in the front of the place saying "now what?" when we saw the side door.

It too was locked and we headed back towards our hotel. On the way we found a restaurant that we had mistaken for an ice cream place the first time through town. This place has some serious, corn-fed, Amish style "snicker-snacks" but no liquor license. They had homemade pretzel rolled fried cheese and homemade skins. They also had an excellent view of the world famous Wilbur Chocolate factory where for some reason they had a security guard out front. We named the guard "Willy Wonka" and we are not sure if he was keeping people from getting in or out.

One of the guys decided to go back to the Parkside and get a few six packs. I went with him for some reason. I am sure it wasn't for protection. It was really worse than I remember from a half hour previously some how. I now noticed a sign that said "If you are visibly intoxicated you will not be served". I thought of Coach Jim Mora Sr at the podium saying "[Playoffs,] are you kidding me?"

So we ended up putting two bad places together to get our snicker-snacks and a beer.

Here a local tells us about the "hideway", a bar we apparently missed along the way.

We had an excellent dinner at the General Sutter Inn where we staying and in the morning it was off to the Outlets in Lancaster.

All in all it was a nice weekend.

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