Wednesday, September 12, 2007

TopTen Ways the Philadelphia Eagles are Preparing for the Return of Reno Mahe

10. Teaching the other special teams players to run really slowly in practice so that Reno thinks he running really fast.
9. Make him seem faster by lowering his jersey number to 25.
8. Having IT find the backup tape with Reno's stats. (click on Career Stats).
7. Having a big sale on all those "Mahe" 34 Jerseys.
6. Bringing back Mike McMahon to complete the 2005 backfield.
5. Having a "Race Reno" contest at half time of the next home game. Winner gets to return punts.
4. By starting Brady Quinn.
3. Finding Mel Gray's cell number.
2. Buying him a Segway.
1. Releasing JR Reed.

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