Saturday, September 22, 2007

On Thursday I worked at home because we had a repair man coming and to "touch base" with the painter who is painting the exterior of our home. While indisposed I got a phone message from the painter about "Were we sure about the fluorescent green color we wanted the stucco?"

Ahh, yeah were going for a color scheme like that friendly lizard with the English accent in the GEICO commercials. Did you get the Red and Orange for the trim?

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa? I called them back immediately to clear this up since my neighbors and the dreaded home owners association clearly would have something to say about fluorescent green stucco on chocolate truffle trim and "Montage" T-111 siding.

After all that, the painter never showed. He is like a ninja. We come home after work and more of the house is painted but we never see him. I don't think the kids have seen him either. There are ladders about so I guess they are not grappling down from the roof on those ninja ropes.

The repair man came to look at the new dining room set we purchased on Labor day when I bankrolled my NFL family capital account for month of September by spending the day furniture shopping. My hundred pound wife and I were have a hard time closing the new table without the leaf in it and I was sure it had something to do with poor Chinese workmanship and nothing to do with the fact that I was pushing her backward across the Pergo floor like a tackling sled in football camp. The repairman came and opened it right away and closed it no problem and then looked at me like I had three heads. Just to be sure he tried it again and then it got stuck on him too. He found a metal filing in the mechanism for the leaf.

And what is the return on my Labor Day investment? 0-2. I finally have Sundays with no Travel Soccer to watch the Eagles and they suck. This Sunday the Detroit Lions come to town and the Eagles are wearing "throwback" uniforms. This is a genius idea since if they do lose, it's like it wasn't the Eagles at all. It was the San Diego Chargers.

They should do this every week this season. Next week they are dressing the like Bengals of 1984.

On Thursday I also got a bike ride in. It's getting harder and harder to get rides in with the decreasing daylight during the week and weekends being so busy. I set out a little after 5:15 and nearly got killed right in my own neighborhood. I was fiddling with my iPod when this huge brown Chevy Suburban whooshed right beside me from behind. I never saw it coming and it scared the crap out me. Traffic was just horrible the entire 10.91 miles but I did it in 46 minutes despite feeling a little weak the last mile or so.

Some drivers are OK with bikes and others are just unbelievably rude. They pass you as fast and as close as they can.

On Tuesday I had a vendor presentation in Conshohocken and decided to swing by my parents to surprise them for their birthdays. Their birthdays are two days apart and Tuesday was the day between the two. Dad calls this "holy Saturday" as in the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter.

So I took them out to eat on holy Saturday. We went to a favorite new restaurant of theirs Trattoria Giuseppe in Edgemont.

We had a terrific dinner and headed back home for coffee and cake.

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