Friday, September 14, 2007

Life to Eagle

Oldest son has his work cut out for him. He has been a Life scout, the rank eligible for Eagle Scout in Boy Scouts, since 2004 and has procrastinated getting his project together for the past few years. Now he has until his 18th birthday to plan and complete his Eagle project and finish 5 merit badges.

The rules for Eagle state that a boy must complete all the requirements before is 18th birthday.

This is typical for boys in scouts. The boys get tired by time they become 16 or 17 and tend to relax. I can't blame them, I'm tired too. Oldest son and I used to make just about every camping trip and now I haven't been on a trip in a year and Oldest Son hasn't been on a trip since June of 06. We got tricked into camping by the weather the first year when we were in a drought. We loved it.

On his project, last week one of the ladies in the troop started pushing him to get going on his project and he seems genuinely interested in the project.

So now he has Marching Band, College search and Eagle Project all packed into one 6 month period.

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