Sunday, September 02, 2007

Fading Summer.

Yesterday I was food shopping and noticed that all the Vidalia onions have vanished from the shelves. The fresh corn should be the next produce MIA due to Summer being OVER. It sure seemed to go by fast this year and goes by faster and faster each year.

Maybe it's a function of my age. The older I get, the faster each passing year seems to go by. My theory is that this why old people drive so slowly. Maybe, by the time you are 80, time rushing by so fast that you are convinced you are driving at 75 MPH when really you are doing 35 on the interstate.

Here in New Jersey this means that the sunlight is just a little weaker, the air at night is cooler and in the morning you can be guaranteed that your car will be covered in thick dew. The kids are have resigned themselves to the inevitable and have started to get off the their nocturnal rhythms and get one more in line with school which is unfortunately for them traditionally held during daylight hours.

The pool has been safely covered with the solar cover, giving it a warm blanket for the night time air to hopefully retain some of the summer energy it has built up. It was a comfy 77 yesterday and I haven't checked it today but without the cover I would expect it to lose 5 degrees over night. A couple night of that and the pool is Titanic cold in less than a week.

The crickets start slowing their night chirping as well.

It's also time for football and the annual ritual of the 53 man roster cut. It's pretty brutal. How would you like it if every year your company brought in 3 younger guys that could do your job and had a very public competition for the job for the year? Well, that is exactly what happens in Pro Football. Every summer about 80 guys are contracted to compete for 53 positions and Saturday of Labor Day weekend is the day that all the teams need to get down to 53. The Eagles officially announce theirs Saturday at 4 after "accidentally" releasing a dummy list the day before.

I'm still baffled by the Jeremy Bloom cut by the Eagles. Isn't this the same team that kept Reno Mahe for three years to return kick-offs and punts? Half the people in the stands were faster than Reno and yet he stayed. Yet the word on Bloom was that couldn't make the first guy miss. It was even easier to tackle the statue-like Mahe.

(BTW: I always thought the Eagles PR guys missed an excellent off-season Reno Mahe contest. They should have picked people at random to have a foot race with Reno. If you win then you win a prize sort of thing. ).

The other big news from the Eagles cuts was that the incumbent punter, Dirk Johnson was cut in favor of Australian Sav Rocca. Sav is the anti-Bloom and looks like kind of guy Philadelphians are going to love - a 33 year old rookie punter that is 6-5, 265 lbs. Look for the 70 yard punt on Sport Center in November (he has already made Sport Center for the hit he took in preseason). You have to love a guy that can take a hit like that and walk away like it was nothing.

Football Season also means Fantasy Football time. This year the Fragile Porcelain Mice will compete for the coveted New World of Fantasy Football crown at work. We held our draft last week and the Mice picked up McNabb, Javon Walker and Willie Parker for the first three picks. I also picked up LJ Smith cheap in the last round.

This is the time of year for hurricanes as well and Felix is building in the Caribbean as I write. It jumped out to category 4 almost in hours

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