Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Return of McNabb

I unexpectedly got a chance to go to the preseason Eagles game last night when my friend's daughter bailed on him at the last minute. I spent a lot of NFL family capital when I ran out on a heated discussion about how oldest son hasn't visited any colleges yet, it's August, we don't have a final list of schools and how Gonzaga may be a bit tough to visit being that it is in Spokane and that is 3000 miles from Jersey - when I got the call.

I was needed for the preseason.

Before you could say "Fordham", I was in my McNabb jersey, had my camera and was yelling "I'm going". A perfect 50 minutes later we were sitting listening to the Star Spangled Banner.

A few things I thought about as I watched a mini weather system form around my 5 dollar minute maid frozen lemonade in the hot, humid August air:

  • McNabb looked great. Good protection, 6 for 9, 138 yards in a single quarter. He looked mcnabulous as Mike Quick would say. If it were a full, real game he would have had a record day, only it wasn't a real game and it was the Carolina Panthers. Here is McNabb's first pass of the year.

  • Is it the system or talent that makes you say "LJ who?" when Matt Schobel and Brett Celek are on the field? Celek had another good game and Schobel had one of those rumblin' stumblin', no bumblin' plays for 71 yards. The Eagles are going to have a problem if they only plan on keeping 2 tight ends but with LJ Smith hurt they will more than likely keep 3.
  • Ackers was a fantasy football mad man hitting two for over 50 yards. Too bad it was preseason. That was with Sav "Australian-rules-football" Rocco holding on the 52 yarder!
  • Tony Hunt's stats by December are going to look like this: 35 Yards Rushing, 7 carries and 7 touchdowns.
  • How long until the Philly sports press is using the term "pass wacky"? Every time number 5 is back there they seem to forget that Westbrook can run the ball. It's like Reid makes a half-hearted attempt at running almost to set up the passing game.
  • Kevin Kolb looked better. Let me change that to great considering who was in by time he played.
  • Was this the same defense that made the Ravens look like the '96 forty-niners four days ago? What the heck happened in less than a work-week?
  • Where were Jevon Kearse and Brian Dawkins?
  • We got to hear the Lito song when Shepard ran back a Delhomme pick for 40 yards.
  • William "I'm not Will Peterson" James showed why there is no "Will" song (Will-iam uh uh uh ohhhooooo ?) when let a pick and sure TD slip through his hands a play or two before that. In all fairness though, he played better than he did on Monday.
  • There is a preseason for the fans to get ready too. These two were working on their "The bald guy didn't call for a time out" routine and it needs some work, but like a good offense, comedy is all timing. They'll have down by September.

As the pee-wee team took the field for the halftime entertainment, there were loud cracks of lightning and the rain was perfectly timed to stay within the bounds of halftime.. We stayed for the third quarter for what I like to call "Reno Mahe Time" and left as it ended.

Th Eagles looked good, so good in fact that we should just give the Eagles the NFC Championship now. Look at all the time and family aggravation we'll save!

Driving oldest son to Band Camp practice this morning I looked in the review mirror on the mini-van and saw the scotch tape still in the rear window from the Eagles poster from the loss to the Panthers on January 19th 2004. It was their third NFC championship loss in a row and it was tough to swallow. It pains me every-single-time I see that piece of tape.

This did not look anything thing like that Panthers team and it is hard to remember that the Eagles have been consistently good for so long.

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