Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Bricks and Axe

I sure didn't see this coming and after hearing McNabb's press conference today, neither did, neither did Dawkins nor Spikes.

Quite a shock.

It seems like just yesterday he was on the cover of SI in his bare arms with the temperatures in the teens.

I'm still not understanding this as I thought Trotter played well in the first two preseason games and there wasn't a hint of this in any blog or article that I saw.

But the Eagles as an organization does have a pretty good track record at deciding when someone doesn't perform at a high level anymore. Look at Corey Simon, Bobby Taylor, Hugh Douglas and Todd Pinkston over the last few years. All ended up either retired or barely hanging on some where.

But Trotter? I sure didn't see it coming and don't think he did either. It was a surprise and a shock.

Here is Brian Dawkins reaction from the Inquirer:

"This one hit me like a ton of bricks," Dawkins said. "No matter how many years you play, it's always hard when you lose someone like that, that you've come in contact and gotten so close with. I'm going to make it as far as I can in this press conference."

Which reminded me of a Ray Rhodes quote about Trotter when he was drafted from Spadaro's column on

"Wait until (center Steve) Everitt gets a look at him," snorted Rhodes. "That kid is going to knock the snot out of Everitt. You're going to see a 260-pound load of bricks coming down the 'A' gap!"

And so the inevitable head lines about the Ax Man getting axed were in full swing today but boy I think this a mistake. We'll see.

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