Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Because we are only an hour or so from home and there is always someone headed back, we usually give them a long list of items that people want from home.

One of these things was Youngest Son's Wii. He only brought his Xbox360 because that is what HE wanted to play but everyone wants to play sports on the Wii.

The sports games come with the console and are the best games for the Wii. You use the controllers like a bat or a tennis racket to play the sport.

If you don't have one of these game consoles, the first thing you do is to make a character called a Mii. The Oldest C boy made a disturbing character with feminine features that he named "Michael Jackson". It really does look like Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson wins.


The Oldest C boy has begun to speak of Michael Jackson in the third person. "Michael Jackson always gets on base", "Michael Jackson has not lost in bowling" and "Michael Jackson doesn't lose"

Michael Jackson is slowing taking over his personality. "I wanted cream cheese on my bagel, but Michael Jackson wouldn't let me".

It's also amazing how connected we all are. When I was young and we went to the shore, being down here, you might as well have been on the moon. There wasn't even a phone in your rental. Now we have 9 people and 8 cell phones and the the youngest without a cell phone wants one. The other house has about as many phones. There is a phone in the house. I need a separate address book to keep up with all the new phone numbers.

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