Monday, July 23, 2007

Update on Lessons Learned.

So tonight we were resigned to paying the 400 HUNDRED dollar charge on the cell phone bill and had even transfered the money from Youngest Son's account to ours. We also decided that the text messaging is an unmovable object, an impossibly strong temptation and to avoid such trauma again we should sign up for unlimited text messaging.

I called the Freakin' Phone company and spent 10 minutes on hold and when a human being answered something came over me.

I got really, really angry and I temporarily channeled Mrs F.

Usually she is the one that gets into "discussions" with hotel managers, store clerks and builders of decks. Tonight it was me.

I calmly explained that I thought this was criminal, that a 14 year-old would be able to do this with out anyone's permission as he explained the unlimited messaging plans available and then I asked "but what can we do about the 400 dollar bill?"

At first he was willing to take half off if we signed up for unlimited messaging.

Then I asked when my contract was up and "could I transfer our numbers when we left?".

The whole 416.40 magically was lifted off our bill.

I transfered Youngest Son's money back.

He is still grounded but at least he has his money back.

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