Sunday, July 29, 2007

Update on the Big Fish

So we figure out who left the giant fish on our doorstep on the 13th and what the meaning behind the "fish on the door step" was. It was oldest son's friend Hanna from Cherry Hill and it was meant to be rebus puzzle.

A Rebus
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Inside the picture in the fishes, right fin was this rebus. Loosely translated it means "swedish". "Sweat minus "AT" plus dish. Swe-dish.

That's right the whole thing meant "Swedish Fish".

I had an opportunity to talk to Hanna when I took both my sons, Hanna, Lana and Arron to Gogol Bordello in Philly. I got at least part of the story. It still wasn't clear what all this was about.

I did ask "what about the boot?"

The answer I got was great.

Ohh that was from the last time.

Of course, the last time. She must do this all the time. Except now the fish is still sitting in my bedroom. The dogs are afraid of it and it is a good place to store pants apparently.

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All the fish pictures are here.

So I took all five of them to Gogol Bordello only they had three tickets. This is typical.

Youngest son and Aaron did not have tickets and because I am trying to qualify for "chooch of the year", I took them anyway.

Only I had to wait to to see if Youngest Son at age 14 got into the show with a ticket at the door. Instead of the drop and run out of Chinatown I would have to hang out downtown until he got in. They had to wait about 40 minutes for the doors to even open so I sat in the minivan directly in front of the Tracadero.

I told them to phone me with the code words "John has a very long mustache" if they were able to get in and "John has shaved his mustache" if they could not.

I was bored.

The Trocadero can't block the entrance of the restaurant next door so they have to break the line for a half a block and continue it past the restaurant and the parking lot next to that. The effect is this "short line mirage" where people come to what they believe is the back of the line only to find out that the line extends for two blocks after the 1/2 block break. There are bouncers at each end of the break.

I watched for 40 minutes as people got in the "fake" end of the line and then there would be the bouncer standing, arm fully extended and pointing west to the remote end of the line. This would happen with every new group that got in line.

One oriental looking young girl at first refused and after the giant bouncer came over to chat with her, changed her mind.

I wished that I had brought my camera after while. It was real scene especially when the kid with the skate board, an arm load of food and a beer took spill in front of the whole (forward half) of the line. At first he was OK after only his food containers fell to ground and then out of no where his beer dropped to the sidewalk. The whole line erupted in disapproval.

I watched as youngest son and Aaron approached the nearer line break bouncer and asked a question. Minutes later I got a call:

"ahh John's beard is OK, I mean they got in, ahh mustache"

Nothin' doing, I am staying put. They were just trying to get rid of me.

I watched as the bouncers got ready for the show. They all wear black. Black in the bouncer's official color. They have girl bouncers and guy bouncers. The girl bouncers frisk the ladies as they come in and the guys do the same for the guys. Bouncers have lots of tattoos.

In the end, they got in fine and then never called. I had to call them.

"Is everything ok? Did your brother get in?" Like they never saw me sitting in the van in front of the place at the curb.

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