Thursday, July 19, 2007

Up and Down

On Tuesday I looked at the pool and noticed the water was a little low and the water was barely over the bottom of the lowest tile. So I added water to the pool. If the water level drops below the tiles, the skimmer stops working and the pool surface get yechhhhey.

This really shouldn't be big deal and certainly not great news to be blogging about. It just isn't that exciting. I added water to the pool. I added a lot of water to the pool. Enough to be perfectly full at exactly between the two tiles.

The tiles around the pool are two high and you should really try to keep the water level exactly at the line between the two rows of tiles.

I was very proud of myself. It's not easy to do. You have to turn the hose on for just right amount of time to make it come out perfectly.

As I went outside to turn the water off, I proudly announced that I was turning the water off to my wife.

"I am turning the water off"

She responded with

"Why are you filling the pool?, the tile man is coming on Thursday"

I had forgotten that a contractor was coming to repair broken tiles and unless he has scuba gear and special underwater plaster, he couldn't very well repair tiles that were underwater.

On Wednesday I emptied water out of the pool. I had to buy DE (Diatomaceous Earth) for the filter since I needed to backwash to get the water out of the pool. If you backwash then all the old DE comes off the filter and gets flushed out.

Because I now knew that the Tile guy was coming, I knew enough to lower the water level below the tile but to get the DE back into the filter, you dump it in the skimmer. So how was I going to get the water below tile and use the skimmer to fill the DE? If I take the water below the tile the skimmer stops working and if the skimmer isn't working I can't put the new DE in.

I had an idea. I'd use the hot tub which is integrated into the pool, as a reserve tank. I would drain the hot tub, take the water to level just above tile where the skimmer is still working, dump in the DE and the fill the hot tub from the pool, draining the water off to the perfect level.

It worked perfectly. The water was 1/2 inch below the tiles. White cement was showing.

I was so proud of myself.


I called the tile guy so I could boast.

He said "I should have called you"

The tile man isn't coming and now the pool water is too low to use the skimmer.

So I filled the pool back up.

So now when the tile guy comes on Monday I have to lower the water level again.

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