Friday, July 06, 2007


I am just now starting to get into a rhythm here in Ocean City. I get up around 8 when the house is quiet and ride my bike for about an hour. I always say that I will try to take it easy and just ride the boards and then end up in Ventnor.

By time I get back I make coffee and have a light breakfast everyone else is usually up and about. We hang for a will paying Wii, make lunch and head to beach if it is nice.

We've had a spirited volleyball competition between the two houses and have had games a few days at 2.

This is the first vacation when the boys have been pretty much on their own. They have come and gone as they please to the beach, boardwalk and Wawa. Having 8-10 boys your age doesn't suck either. Last night 3 more came down for the remainder of our day[s] here.

At night it's boardwalk, pinochle and of course Wii.

Wii has been the hit of the vacation, especially on the plasma at our rental. The boys and the few girls on the trip are hooked on bowling. Youngest son bowled a 230 today, the high score for the week.

I have tried it but I stink. I didn't even break 100.

Last night was CatchPhrase and cards.

This has really been a lot of fun. There were times when we spent a lot of time with the other house and there have been times we did not.

We are just getting into a rhythm and it's time to go. It's about now that you start thinking that Ocean City needs a another Taco spot or another bike rental. You don't want to go home.

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Bellezza said...

I've been getting up early for a bike ride myself this summer. There's a lovely peace at this time of the day, although I wouldn't call myself a morning person. I envy your ride along the ocean; mine is just along a river. I'm always glad when I come to a patch of woods! Have a good ride tomorrow.