Monday, July 02, 2007

I like vacation better than work.

I am on vacation this week in Ocean City, NJ. For many, it's tradition to come to this former methodist camp but not for my family. We have vacationed different places every year from North Carolina to Greece. When I was a boy my family vacationed in Wildwood almost exclusively. When your family is from South Philadelphia, it's almost a law that you have to vacation in Wildwood.

Two years ago we spent half a week here as that was the only time we could squeeze in between my wife's school and the boys activities. We found a spot at the last minute that year and Mrs F's mom and my parents joined us for a few days.

This time was a last minute deal as well and that is what Ocean City is to us, our safety vacation spot. We were planning a big trip out west but circumstances prevented us from going. We found a house here in May.

This does not mean we are not having a good relaxing time.

Saturday night we went out to dinner on the boardwalk. I should have known better but I ordered the special of Chicken Parmigiana and Lasagna. I was expecting this but got this thing instead. The "lasagna" is the lower part of the picture. That I have to point out which the Lasagna should give you a hint as to how bad this was. I still am not sure what it was. It was like a huge piece of ricotta cheese surrounded by dough in some wacky cheeze-whiz like sauce. It was awful.

I've also been taking bike rides every morning. This morning I went to the south end of the island and back. I certainly don't look like a professional rider in my regular shorts with cell phone and camera strapped to belt but I thought I was doing OK until yesterday. I was out by the Longport bridge and this guy dressed like he had just cycled out of the Pyrenees came flying by and yelled out:
"You should be on the other side [of the street], sir"

Thanks, Lance.

It's Ocean City, not the victory lap around the Arc de Triomphe Pal.

At least I had a helmet. Wait until he gets into town. He is going to have his hands full helping people with bicycle safety as they pedal to and fro on their beach cruisers, running red lights with no helmets.

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