Wednesday, July 04, 2007

4th of July, Ocean City

The highlight of our 4th of July had to be the Pizza eating contest that never happened.

A few of the teen-aged boys in the crew had found a pizza stop on the boardwalk that would offer a 25 free pizzas to anyone that could eat a whole pie in 45 minutes and 50 free pizzas to anyone that could eat a whole pizza in 30 minutes.

Of course you had to buy the whole pizza first for $20. This was an obvious scam but the boys wanted to do it and we figured the worst that could happen is that they up-chuck and we eat the rest of the doughy pie.

The contest was held "everyday at 4 PM" according the signs at Three Brothers Pizza so the boys and the whole crew showed up at 3:30 and were told that couldn't even sign up until 4PM.

I showed up with the camera about ten of.

The boys approached the counter at precisely 4 and asked to be part of the contest to the workers behind the counter. They were rebuffed with an ever changing set of rules.

  • You had to be 18.
  • You could be under 18 if your parent was here.
  • The contest is not held on the 4th of July.
  • It's too busy.
Even to an eye witness account, namely me, the details are little fuzzy. I know the Mom's got involved on the "principle" of the whole thing. A shouting matched ensued. People came out from behind the counter. Heads were turning on the boardwalk. We were told to move away from the Pizza stand.

It was ugly.

The ladies were making some good points: "The signs didn't say that", "What does being 18 have to do with the ability to eat pizza", etc etc.

In the end the pizza workers would not give in. There would be no contest.

The men were just sitting back watching the whole thing unfold. We watched as the pillars of our community fought for the rights of our teenagers to get free pizza.

Of course no one read the sign that said that the winner would receive 2 pizzas per week until labor day. Of course we don't live here so that would mean an hour and half car ride every week for our free pizza and an other hour and half to go home. 40 dollars in gas and 5 hours out of my day for free pizza? Until Labor day.

While all the shouting was going on, one of the future contestants sneaked up to the counter and bought a slice of pizza. They were starving because they had fasted most of the day in preparation of the big event. The other contestant was about to do the same when his mother swooped in and snatched the money out of the boy's hands.

She sternly told him that he would not be buying pizza from "this place".

A new shouting match ensued. More heads turned.

So in the end it was an ugly and confusing episode. I'm still confused over why the workers wouldn't let the kids in the "contest". What impact would it have to let two kids try to eat a pizza that they paid for? In the end wasn't just another two pies sold?

They told us to come back tomorrow but we are not allowed. The moms won't let us.

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